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Date: November 2020

In a trying year 2020 was, university clubs have been forced to go above and beyond for creative solutions to attract new members and keep them engaged while the game was on hold.

The University of Bristol RFC showed outstanding results in their adaptation of the rugby offer to maximise the opportunities still allowed by lockdown restrictions.

Ben Stringer, Vice-Captain of the rugby club said: “Our training so far has had a huge emphasis on handling, speed, and agility due to the nature of the running rugby we strive to play, and to keep training varied whilst sticking to COVID rules.”


Here are a few adapted training tips from the team that you can try in your clubs:


  1. Small group training matches – in line with the current Return to Rugby Stage guidance. Utilising any playing opportunity – even if with reduced numbers and adapted rules – help maintain the competitive element and keep the engagement up.

  2. Focus on skills and strength training in small groups. While full contact, competitive game might be on hold, this time allows for more focus to develop skills and build fitness.

  3. Games, differently. Inspired by warmup games – such as “Cops and robbers”, - why not try fun yet challenging games to put new skills into test? These games not only keep training fun, they also help put the learning outcomes of a session focused on speed and agility into practise.

  4. Skills, skills, skills. This time is great to focus on skills otherwise often neglected on busy playing weeks. For example, juggling practice with tennis balls can help improve hand-eye coordination which contributes to better passing and catching in a game. It a great alternative to traditional drills keeping things fun and engaging.


Please keep up to date with the latest government guidance on Covid-19, and the Return to Rugby Roadmap to ensure a safe training environment.

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Cop n Robbers
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