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Date: December 2020

Continued recruitment and keeping players engaged were the main goals for Leicester Medics for the difficult 2020 season. 

The 2020 Students’ RFU Grant awardee set out to maintain their participation levels, and improve their training structure and conditioning training, making the most of the downtime while the playing season is on hold.

The Grant enabled the club to create alternative playing opportunities, getting more players involved, and purchase additional kit for ensure a Covid-safe training environment for their members.

Tarun Zacharia, Club Treasurer said: “Key performance areas we focus on to improve our rugby are fitness and structure. We started a running club over lockdown to keep our players active, healthy, and close knit. With the funding provided we will be able to also improve on our fitness sessions.”

Leicester Medics prides itself on creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, striving to include players of all ability, both medics and non-medics. As Nathan Carey, Club Captain remembers to his first years at university: “I joined Leicester Medics Rugby Football club in my first year at university. […] Through the club I have made my closest friends and made memories to last a lifetime. They have supported me both personally and academically whilst providing an escape for what is a very demanding course.

“After a hard year with COVID, I hope that we can get back on track and continue to provide similar events to our members and those who will join in future. Through further support for the club, I believe we can continue to improve and grow, which will attract more members and then hopefully we can give them the same experience that I’ve been lucky enough to have had.”

2020 has undoubtedly been difficult for new students finding their places at university, especially when joining a new club that cannot operate as usual.

“As a fresher during Coronavirus, LMRFC has really helped me with meeting new people and forming new relationships. This has been so important to me as social contact has been hindered during my fresh start in a new city, so LMRFC has helped to make me feel comfortable” says Lewis Lambert, rugby player.

We wish Leicester Medics continued success for the future!


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