The Students’ RFU (SRFU) is a national constitute body of the RFU representing higher education. We are Independent Limited Company with Charitable Status which is run by volunteers. There are over 100 universities with student rugby clubs that make up the membership of the SRFU and are in turn full voting members of the Rugby Football Union. 



Voting members.png

110 RFU voting member clubs &  28 non-voting


c. 17,500 members


12,800 Men

4,700 Women


5,500+ matches played per season

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15 volunteers & 1 part-time employee


Close work with RFU Pipeline Team & BUCS

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5,000+ Social Media Followers

OUR IMPACT 2019/20 

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1800+ hours volunteered


4 on-field and 4 off-field discipline matters

Payment of player regulations.png

Payment of players regulation

Operating standards.png

Supported the Minimum Operating Standards Audit

Members voice.png

Represented the voice of our member clubs within the RFU

Funds Granted.png

£9,898 of funds granted to 13  clubs

Annual Awards.png

Hosted annual Awards to recognise individuals’ contribution to the game

University conference.png

250 attendee to the University Rugby Conference  


FISU WUC Championship



Social Media Followers.png

Provide Members access to Webinars

Return to Rugby Conference.png

University ‘Return to Rugby’ Conference


Support the a safe ‘Return to Play’

University opportunities.png

Pursue opportunities for the University sector

Grant scheme.png

Enhance SRFU Club Grant Scheme

Governance review.png

Good Governance Review


FISU WUC Championship



A timeline of events that have shaped the Students' RFU.


Mark Hyndman succeeds Phil Attwell as SRFU Chair and joins the SRFU as a Trustee. Phil Attwell and Phil de Glanville continue as RFU Council reps for the SRFU.


Phil de Glanville was appointed to the RFU Board, as well as, remaining as Council Member for the SRFU.


Phil de Glanville was appointed as the SRFU Council Rep on the RFU Council and Trustee


Ian Elvin steps down as SRFU Chair, RFU Council Rep and Trustee. Phil Attwell is appointed by the Trustee Board to succeed Ian.


Jonathan Webb was appointed as World Rugby Council Member for the RFU replacing Bill Beaumont who became World Rugby Chair. Jonathan stepped down as RFU Council Rep for the SRFU and Trustee


Derek Morgan stepped down as SRFU President. Bob Reeves was appointed as both SRFU & RFU President and in turn stepped down as SRFU Chair and Council Member. Iain Elvin was appointed as SRFU Chair. Jonathan Webb was appointed by the board of trustee as the second council rep for the SRFU.


Derek Morgan stepped down as Hon Treasurer and Trustee handing over to Stuart Wade. The AGM approved the appointment of Derek Morgan to the position of SRFU President as recommended by the Board of Trustees


Ian Elvin is appointed as the second SRFU Council Member of the RFU Council. Ian replaces Vaughan Parry William, unfortunately Vaughan passed away in June.


Derek Morgan stepped down as SRFU Chair and Council Rep to take up the position of RFU President. He remained involved in the SRFU as Hon Treasurer and Trustee. Bob Reeves was appointed by the board of trustees as SRFU Chair. Vaughan Parry Williams was appointed at the second RFU Council Rep for the SRFU.


The SRFU established charitable status with a charitable object to: To administer, foster, encourage, extend and control Rugby Football Union (“the game”) for the moral and physical development of students at University and other institutions of higher education within England.


The number of RFU Council Rep for the SRFU increased to two. Bob Reeves joined Derek Morgan as the second rep on the RFU Council to represent Higher Education Rugby Union.


The first SRFU Committee took place with Derek Morgan as Chair with Brian McLelland as Secretary.


Appointment of the first SRFU’s Council Member onto the RFU Council - Derek Morgan


The Students’ RFU (SRFU) was formed as a National Constitute Body of the RFU to represent Higher Education. The SRFU was formed in order to coordinate all universities and polytechnics, where there had previously been separate bodies. University of Oxford and University of Cambridge remained separate Constitute Bodies on the RFU.


The Rugby Football Union set up a specific Higher Education panel to bring together University of London, UAU, British College and British Polytechnics

T R U S T E E   B O A R D

Bob reeves.png

Bob Reeves


Phil Mooney.png

Phil Mooney

Vice President

Mark Hyndman.png

Mark Hyndman


Patrick Craig.png

Patrick Craig

Hon. Secretary

Stuart Wade.png

Stuart Wade

Hon. Treasurer

Phil Attwell.png

Phil Attwell

SRFU Council Rep

Phil De Glanville.png

Phil De Glanville

SRFU Council Rep