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Thank you for showing interest in the University Rugby Development Grant 2023-24.

There are two distinct strands of support available for this coming academic year: 


PLAY open 7 August to 9 October 2023

LEARN open 7 August until all course places are allocated


Examples of how previous grants have been used by universities can be found here.



We want every person to have the opportunity to access university rugby.


This season the PLAY grant is focused on supporting university rugby clubs to:

1. Increase capacity, either through the university club or through local clubs, for more players to play, for example:

  • Initiatives to attract new recreational student players e.g., examining and broadening the appeal of the club,  providing a variation of welcome events, providing transport links between universities and clubs.

  • Delivery of new or additional local playing opportunities e.g. mid-week fixtures using Game On, triangular fixtures, intramural/recreational, Friday night lights etc.

  • Supporting community club initiatives to establish links with university clubs.

​2. Combat a particular threat or barrier to player participation, this might include but not restricted by:

  • Lack of equipment

  • Lack of rugby workforce

  • Lack of front row players

  • Socioeconomic circumstances of student players

A funding pot of £100 - £500 can be applied for.  All SRFU member university rugby clubs including those in receipt of partner project funding are welcome to apply, although priority will be given to applications from those not in receipt of direct RFU funding.

  • Applications open 7 August and close noon Monday 9 October 2023

  • The SRFU Panel will review applications and ask any clarification questions w/c 16 October

  • Decision communicated w/c 23 October 2023

How to apply 

  • To apply you will need to fill out the application form below and submit a basic budget summary for your project.

  • A template for the budget summary can be downloaded here, or you can use your own spreadsheet. The completed document should be emailed to when you complete the application form.  

  • When completing the budget summary, please consider the return on investment (i.e. how many people are likely to benefit from this project), how much you need to apply for, and the sustainability of your activity/ how you will cover costs longer term. You should also consider whether you are able to secure discounts, value in kind or matched funding to support the project. 

  • The SRFU will make payment to successful applicants upon receipt of an invoice. All recipients will need to complete a simple template on the grant outcomes and benefits at the end of the season.

Should you have any questions please e-mail



In support of Regulation 9 the SRFU are offering 65 free course places on the Emergency First aid in Rugby Union (EFARU)  course.


EFARU provides learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to give care, manage life-threatening conditions, minor injuries and illness, specifically focusing on those occurring in a rugby environment.

Duration: One Day (6.5 hours) or Split Course (2 x 3 hours)

Minimum Learner Age: 18 years old

To attend the course, an e-learning pre-course module must be completed. The full course information can be found here.


There are two ways you can apply for course vouchers:

1. Group: The SRFU will help your university (or a group of local universities) to organise its own in-house EFARU course for 8 - 10 learners.

2. Individual: A maximum of three learners per university will be sent a free course voucher via GMS which can be redeemed and booked directly via the RFU website.

In both instances each attendee will be required to have an RFU ID for booking.


How to apply


Complete the expression of interest form below letting us know if you are applying for group or individual places.


Once all free places have been allocated the form and offer will close.


Should you have any questions please email


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