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Date: December 2020

“Safe training” had a new meaning this season for every rugby club, with an emphasis on developing processes that fit the quickly changing national guidance on Covid-safe group activities.

The University of East Anglia (UEA) put their focus on ensuring that the requirement to not share equipment – such as bibs - doesn’t limit the involvement of every player. They chose to loan bibs to individuals to use throughout the season, funded from the Students’ RFU Grant they received this season. The use of bibs is probably more useful than ever in coordinating different groups within the team for clarity and organisation.

Ewan Kingdon, club member tells us the investment will also serve them well on the long run, in running Freshers’ Trials where identification is crucial.

 UEA has a community many describe as their family. Tom Richards, 2nd year player said: “Even from the first session, I knew that UEA rugby was for me. The older boys were so welcoming, and they were very keen on getting all freshers involved straight away – from social aspects, training, going to the gym together and more. […] UEA rugby is one big team - we train together, socialise together, study together and in later years live together. It has a huge sense of family in which I could not imagine being part of a better team.”

“At the moment especially, the club is integral to us all, everyone looks out for one another, providing a wider support system for anyone who needs it, whether it be a chat, a bit of exercise, or just having a laugh with the boys” added Josh Jones, fellow player.

We wish UEA continued success for the future!

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