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By Ella Brierly, LMWRFC

Date: July 2023

In September 2022 over 20 Leicester Medics picked up a rugby ball for the first time and LMWRFC was formed. Everybody stuck with it, even in freezing temperatures we’d often have a bigger turnout than the men's team. We managed to have full squads throughout the season - something we are very proud of with it being our first season. 

I think the whole team can agree on two things - we ordered shorts a few sizes too small and Varsity was the best moment of the season. To see so many spectators cheering us on was incredible and it was such an exciting game. Alternate tries between Nottingham and us meant the whole team kept it up till the end. A try in the last play led to not only our victory but a Varsity victory for Leicester. 

Having had support from the SFRU and Joe Marler meant we’ve been able to play in the first women's NAMS league. We’ve got the swankiest playing kit about along with everything we’ve needed to coach the girls into excellent rugby players. This support has allowed women's rugby to gain new members and grow awareness with supporters at all our games. We’ve also had incredible support from LMRFC all year. 

We’ve not only formed a playing team but been able to form friendships with people we wouldn’t have without the club. 


Liv, one of our players, said, "[LMWRFC is] one of the friendliest and enthusiastic sports team I’ve joined and they’ve trained us all from every level with zero judgement. I’ve loved rugby just because it’s a bit different to your other sports, gets you fully stuck in and is just really fun to play."

Another player, Lauren, added, "I’ve always wanted to join a sports team but always been too scared to join as a beginner. I met the rugby girls at the freshers fair and they were so friendly. I went along and felt so involved and welcome. I’m so glad I went the first time. It’s great to feel part of a team and to learn something new!"

I am so proud of everyone having completed their first season of ever playing rugby. Everyone comes (usually on time) ready to learn something new and keep improving. We’re looking forward to continuing in the NAMS league next year and to continue growing as a club with the help we’ve received.

N E W S   &   E V E N T S 

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