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Following trials to join the rugby programme at the University of Somewhere, everyone who took part was invited to the local pub to attend a welcome event that evening. All incoming players were told to meet at a senior player’s house prior to arriving at the pub, and to bring with them 3litres of budget cider. Everyone was told that they had to finish all their cider prior to leaving the house. Anyone who didn’t had “loser” written on their forehead, which they were told had to remain there the entire evening.


The following morning, the University of Somewhere Vice Chancellor and the RFU Discipline team received an email from an angry parent complaining about how their child had been treated the previous evening.


The RFU Discipline team shared the email with the he Rugby Union Discipline Group, who collectively agreed that an internal university investigation was an appropriate first stage. The SRFU, made contact with their named contact at the University of Somewhere, explaining the situation and what process the university were required to follow.


Following a robust internal investigation involving the Student Union, the University Sports Service and the University Rugby Club Committee, a series of recommendations were presented back to the HE Rugby Discipline Group. These included committee members and social secretaries attending the CHANGES programme training, a commitment from the club to host a series of alcohol-free socials and a presentation to the entire club by the SU and sports department about delivering inclusive activities for members.


The HE Rugby Union Disciplinary Group agreed that this was an appropriate response, and no further action was taken.




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